Team Echo

Group & Team Communication made Easy

About Team Echo

With an open rate of 99% within 90 seconds SMS messages are hard to beat!

Team Echo is an easy-to-use System that enables:

  • highly-effective team communication between Managers, Team Members, Parents, Volunteers and other types of Groups and Teams
  • designated Individuals to send text messages into Team Echo, and for those messages to be automatically forwarded to all Members of designated Teams and Groups

Three Scenarios

SCENARIO ONE:  Coach goes to the playing field early to find the usual entry gate is broken. 6 Teams and their Parents will need to enter via a different gate. Instead of having to contact each student and parent, or asking others to do so, he texts the change of plan into Team Echo using the respective Group ID Codes, and his message is automatically forwarded to every member of every group immediately.

SCENARIO TWO:  A Conference Presenter wishes to ensure attendees of her sessions remember to bring a particular document. She has been provided with the Group ID Codes for her two attendee groups. She texts her message into Team Echo using the Codes, and her message is immediately forwarded to all attendees.

SCENARIO THREE:  On a regular Friday Sports Day, the Host School needs to alert parents of new parking details. The attending school gives the Host School temporary access so that a text message can be sent through to Team Echo and forwarded automatically to all Parents.

Easy Setup Steps

STEP ONE:  Create Groups or Teams List and import data or add contacts manually

STEP TWO:  Attribute text-in ID Code for each group eg Under 10 soccer team might be U10ST

STEP THREE:  Upload administration contacts and attribute appropriate level of access

STEP FOUR: Create regularly used message templates

STEP FIVE:  Distribute text-in Codes to designated people

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