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Auto Response Manager

Text Message Marketing like the big boys!

Ever wondered how easy it would be to run a text-in Competition?

Or have people text-in to register for your Product or Service updates – like the Campaigns you see on TV?

Well the answer is, it’s VERY easy, it’s inexpensive, and we’ll help you!

You’ll generate Qualified Leads and then market directly to them with an SMS Open Rate of 99%

Sample Campaign

The local Butcher has started a Monthly Specials Board. They are looking to build their Customer List, and have included text message marketing in their Strategy.

COLLATERAL: On the shop Window, on the Sandwich Board outside, on their Website and in a Flier that was letterbox dropped, they are asking existing and potential Customers to text-in to register for their Monthly Specials Updates.

CALL TO ACTION: People text 2022MS and their first names to the virtual text-in number. The automated response that goes out from WoofSMS is: “Great to have you on our Monthly Specials List. We’ll be in touch soon! In the meantime visit for a great Introductory Offer.”

With one tap on the link they go straight to your Website.

CUSTOMER DATA: When people text-in they are automatically placed in the Monthly Specials List. This ensures you can send information in relation to just the Monthly Specials vs being placed in the general marketing list.

SPAM UPDATE:  Because people have registered for these updates, any further texts in relation to the Monthly Specials are not SPAM. If people do decide to de-register, we’ve got you covered with automatic Opt Out functionality.

It's Easy to Set Up & Use

STEP ONE:  We provide you with an Exclusive or Generic Text-In virtual mobile number.

STEP TWO:  You decide what text-in Codes people will use, and set those up in WoofSMS.

STEP THREE:  You decide what Responses will be automatically sent, and set those up in WoofSMS.

STEP FOUR: Include Text-In Campaign information on your marketing platforms – on and offline.

STEP FIVE:  Moniter Campaigns as they run, and change automated responses as and when required.

STEP SIX:  Your Contact Lists are immediately available for follow up.

Give it a Try


Response Manager is a largely untapped marketing tool. 

It is extremely responsive and can produce excellent results for very little financial commitment. 

If you would to give it a try, click on the button below to Contact Us.

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