About Us

WoofSMS is a product of Almani Enterprises Pty Ltd which has been delivering effective communication solutions for business and personal use for over 30 years.

Our range of easy-to-use Software also includes:

  • Membo Community:  Community Noticeboard System for Residential Communities and any other type of Community to easily share up-to-date information and documents in real-time.  Visit Membo Community Noticeboard website
  • Membo Noticeboard:  Digital Noticeboard System for personal use that enables the display and exchange of key daily information in real-time between people who need support to manage their daily appointments and activities, and their Families, Carers & Support Teams.  Visit  Membo Noticeboard Assistive Technology website
  • MemboQ:  Waiting Room Management for today’s world enables clients to register their arrival and then to wait elsewhere until called in.  Visit MemboQ Queuing System website
  • My Rain:  System that enables multiple Workers to record and upload rainfall figures from multiple gauges across multiple locations.  Visit My Rain Farm Software website
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